GBT Freeze Dried Musang King Durian GBT冻干猫山王榴莲肉


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*We will pack your parcel with best effort and stick on [FRAGILE] sticker.*

Our company doesn’t responsible to any damage caused by external factors like exposure/rain/crash during delivery process. We try our best to provide the best packaging for the consumer can receive the product in a safe condition. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks.

By: Mr.Sotong Barrister



——鱿鱼先生常年法律顾问   启


有任何问题可以联系 Facebook  鱿鱼先生 (Mr Sotong)



Any problem please contact Facebook  鱿鱼先生 (Mr Sotong)

we will give you more information.

鱿鱼先生客服 +60 11-6168 4586


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